Display Missing Immunizations on Forms

Your practice can add a list of immunizations a patient may be missing to your paper encounter forms or other forms and handouts you generate from PCC’s various features and tools.

Your PCC system includes a customizable list of immunization rules that are based on the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics. By using these rules and the curimms program, you can compare a patient’s immunizations against those rules and display what immunizations the patient may be missing.

For example, your encounter form could suggest immunizations that a patient might possibly be missing:

Whenever you look at a list of missing immunizations, remember that a patient may have received the immunization elsewhere, it may simply not be part of their chart record. Or, your practice’s custom immunization configuration could be incorrect.

For help adding curimms to your forms or configuring your practice’s immunization rules, contact your PCC Client Advocate at (800) 722-1082.

Immunization Tracking and Alerts: PCC’s immunization tracking tools, including epidemic, curimms, and the recaller, along with the Immunization Forecasting features in PCC EHR, can not replace the medical decision making of your practice. PCC software displays whether or not it has a record of a patient receiving an immunization, and it can warn if an immunization is missing from the records or is not in compliance with a given injection’s standard interval requirements. PCC’s suggestions, however, are based on known records and customizable rules, and the clinician is ultimately responsibility for checking immunization schedule compliance.

  • Last modified: August 27, 2018