SNOMED-CT to ICD-10 Manual Mapping Lists

What are the most common diagnoses for which finding an appropriate ICD-10 code requires extra work? And what do PCC’s pediatric offices use for those ICD-10 codes?

PCC has prepared a list of the most common manual mappings used by PCC practices to link SNOMED-CT diagnosis descriptions to an ICD-10 billing equivalent.

What Do I Need These Lists For?

PCC EHR records patient diagnoses and Problem List items using SNOMED-CT diagnosis descriptions. For billing purposes, these descriptions are mapped to ICD-10, the official billing code set.

PCC EHR offers an “Assisted Mapping” to translate some SNOMED-CT descriptions to ICD-10 billing codes. When a physician selects a diagnosis, the chart note records the SNOMED-CT description and also adds an ICD-10 code for billing.

However, some diagnosis descriptions do not have a recommended ICD-10 code. Your practice may need to customize your code mapping in order to optimize billing.

You can use these lists to preemptively review your practice’s billing mapping. By using these lists and the Billing Configuration tool in PCC EHR, you can review and precisely configure billing behavior for unmapped SNOMED-CT descriptions now, so your practice’s physicians and billers don’t get stuck later during their busy workflow.

Download the List

You can download the SNOMED-CT to ICD-10 Manual Mapping List in three different versions, sorted by SNOMED-CT description, by ICD-10 description, or by ICD-10 billing code.

SNOMED-CT to ICD-10 Manual Mapping List

  • Last modified: December 9, 2016