Clinical Reports

Reports that count visit ratios and analyze what procedures you perform can be useful for making practice-planning decisions, but Partner also has a number of reports with a more clinical or medical focus.


Within the Patient History report (patinfo) are the Visit History report and the Diagnosis History report. The Visit History includes a section with major diagnoses and a section that lists each visit date along with the provider, diagnoses, and procedures for that date. The Diagnosis History shows each diagnosis that has been posted for the patient and lists each date that diagnosis was given.

To run patinfo, first run the Patient Editor (notjane) for a patient and then press F5Patient History. You can also type patinfo at a command prompt.


The Advanced Find Routines (findem) allow you to find and list patients by a wide range of criteria. For example, you can use findem to find patients by insurance certificate number, home address, or immunization lot number.

findem is located within the find routines, which are used to find patients or accounts in Partner. While finding a patient or account by name, in any Partner program, press F4Advanced Search to run findem. You can also type findem at a command prompt.


The Patient Recaller (recaller) is a patient list-maker that can also produce form letters and other documents. The Recaller has several clinical uses, such as finding patients with certain diagnoses, or in certain age-groups, and informing them that they should come in for a flu shot. The recaller can show you a list all of your asthma patients in a certain age range, all current patients who are overdue for a physical, or all patients from a certain city that had a flu shot last year. The list can be formatted to include any patient information or used to generate form letters. Call PCC for help with the recaller.

The recaller is located in the Patient Demographic Reports window in the Partner Programs window. You can also type “recaller” at a command prompt.

curimms and epidemic

The Current Immunization (curimms) report and the Epidemic Prevention (epidemic report both check for missing immunizations. The curimms report output can be added to any encounter form and will show you if your system does not have a record for a specific immunization for the patient. The epidemic program can be run on an entire age group and will list all patients who do not have immunization records that meet your system’s configurable immunization standards.

For help configuring and running curimms or epidemic, contact PCC support.


The Review Phone Encounters report, located in the Phone Encounter Notes (pen) program, reports on triaged phone calls at your practice. This report is only useful for practices that use pen. With pen‘s review report, you can list and make changes to phone encounter notes based on status or user. For example, you could review phone notes regarding a prescription or notes that were taken by a particular user.

The pen program is located in the Daily Operations window within the Partner Programs window. You can also type pen at a command prompt.


The Referral Statistics Report (refreport) sorts and displays patient referrals. This report is only useful for practices that use Partner’s referral module. The report shows all open referrals.

refreport is located within the referral program, which is located in the Daily Operations window within the Partner Programs window. You can also type refreport at a command prompt.


The Review Lab History report, located in the lab program, reports on a single patient’s lab history. This report is only useful for practices that use PCC’s lab module. Review Lab History shows all labs for a specified date range and can be restricted based on provider and other criteria.

srs: Clinical Reports

The Smart Report Suite contains a Clinical Reports section. It includes reports on visit trends, procedures performed, and well/sick visit ratios. srs‘s reports also break down diagnoses made by procedures performed.

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015