Checkout Payments Screen

The fourth and final step of the checkout program is the Payments screen. The Payments screen displays the previous personal balance and the new personal charges. You can review any personal payments received before checkout, add a new payment, and confirm the New Personal Balance.

Today’s Visit and Previous Balance

The top of the screen displays the personal amount due for “Today’s Visit.” If the patient has insurance coverage, this will typically include only the copay. If the patient’s guarantor has an outstanding personal charge or credit, it will appear under the “Previous Balance” header.

Today’s Payments

The “Apply Today’s Payments” section displays all of the visit’s personal payments, discounts, and adjustments. If a payment was collected during checkin or a discount was entered on the Copays & Discount screen, it will appear on this list.

If the patient or family has not yet paid, the list will be empty:

Press F3New TOS Payment to add a new blank line and enter type, check number, and amount.

Pay Old Balance: Note that you can allocate any amount of your payment to today’s visit, to the previous balance, or leave your payment unapplied and unlinked. If you post additional money against an old balance, the new payment will be linked directly to the old charges.

Applying Old Credits to Today’s Charges

If the account has a credit, the credit will appear beside the “Previous Personal Balance” label and will appear as a “Credit on Account” payment in the Apply Today’s Payments section.

When you press F1Post and Print, Partner will automatically apply the old credit to today’s charges, as shown above. A payment received in the past will be linked to today’s charges.

If you do not wish to apply the old credit to today’s charges, press the End key to erase the “Apply to Today’s Visit” field. The full amount of the credit will shift to the “Unapplied” column. You can then enter a new payment by pressing F3New TOS Payment or allow the charge to remain unpaid.

Automatically Mark Visit as "Gone"?: Partner can automatically change the PCC EHR visit status to “Gone” when you finish checking out a patient. This feature is optional and can be found in the PCC EHR section of the Configuration Editor (ced).

Partner Totals Credits and Charges: Although you can leave credit amounts in the unapplied column, Partner will include any credits in its calculation of an account’s final personal balance (on reports, for example).

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015