Checkout Dates & Prices Screen

After you enter diagnoses and procedures on the Post Charges screen during checkout, press F4Dates & Prices to change the provider for a specific procedure, enter service dates or hospital admission dates, or to change the price for a specific procedure.

The Dates & Prices screen shows the selected procedures along with fields for a provider initial, service dates, units, and the charge amount. At the bottom, you can enter Admit and Discharge dates for the visit.

  • The “Prov” field on the left side of the screen will override the visit’s provider for the specific procedure.

  • The contents of the Service Dates fields will appear on the insurance claim. Changing the service dates may automatically increase the Units field.

  • The hospital Admit and Discharge fields will appear on the insurance claim.

  • The New Charge fields will override the default prices for the procedures.

When you are finished changing procedure dates, hospital dates, or other items on this screen, press F1Save to return to the Post Charges screen and finish posting the visit.

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015