Checkout Copay and Discount Screen

After you enter diagnoses and procedures in checkout, press F2Copay & Discount from the Post Charges screen to open the Copay & Discount screen.

On this screen, you can:

  • Enter a new expected copay amount for each procedure or erase the current expected copay. This may be necessary for insurance policies that have unusual copay rules.

  • Assign a different Primary Payor to a charge. You can change the responsible party for a procedure to a different insurance policy. Leave the Primary Payor blank in order to charge the patient’s guarantor instead of an insurance plan.

  • Enter a time-of-service discount for each procedure and change the discount type. Your office may mark down the cost of procedures for Professional Courtesy or other reason. You can enter a discount amount or a percentage.

    If you enter a discount on this screen, it will appear on the Payments screen.

When you are finished changing copays or other items on this screen, press F1Save to return to the Post Charges screen and finish posting the visit.

Automate The Copay: Many unusual copay rules can be automated. If an insurance plan requires a different copay depending on the OV or physical procedure, Partner can adjust the copay automatically. Contact PCC Software Support to learn more.

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015