AniTa Window Size

AniTa windows work just like other windows on your computer. This means you can make the window any size you like or work in full screen mode.

If you are familiar with Microsoft Windows®, then you know about the buttons in the upper right hand corner of each window, as shown in the picture below. The first button minimizes the window so you can store it in the task bar at the bottom of your screen. This can be useful for managing four or five different Partner windows at once. The middle button switches back and forth between a maximized (full screen) view and a windowed view. The third button closes the window, and should not be used after you have entered your password (logging out will close the window instead).

In AniTa, you can switch back and forth between full screen and window view. While in the window view, you can resize your window easily for easier reading (or to fit more on your screen). This changes the font size of Partner, while keeping the same number of rows and columns. To try changing your font size, simply click on the lower-right hand corner (shown below) and drag the window. The size of the letters will change as you drag the window to a new size.

Columns and Rows

You can change the number of columns and rows visible. Read Larger Partner Windows for more information.

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015