AniTa Sounds, Fonts, and Colors

AniTa has several special customization options.


The buttons (or “hotspots”) on the AniTa screen create a feedback sound when you select them with the mouse. If you want to disable the sounds, or customize them in any way, do the following:

  1. First, hold down the alt key and click on any of the buttons on your screen (like the F12 button at the top of your screen).

  2. A properties window will open. Click on the “Mouse…” tab, as shown below.

  3. To eliminate the sounds, you can simply erase the “wav” files that are shown in the three boxes. If you are a Microsoft Windows® guru, you can use the browse button next to the boxes to assign any sound you want to the different mouse actions.

  4. When you are finished, click the red “Close” box on the properties window.

  5. To save your changes, select the “File” menu, and click “Save Config…”


The letters on your AniTa screen are displayed with a font called “New Courier.” If you don’t like New Courier, or want to try switching to a bold font for easier reading, follow this procedure.

  1. Click on the “Config” menu, select the “Font…” option, and then click on the “Font 80…” choice, as shown below.

  2. In the window below, choose a font from the left hand side. You can also choose to make the font bold, or assign other attributes. To change font size, you should close this window and click on the corner of your window to drag it to a different size. Read the “Window Size: Basics” section above for more details.

  3. Click “OK”.

  4. Click on the “File” menu, and click “Save Config” to make your changes permanent. To view the new font on your screen, you may have to quit the program you are in and run it again.


You can change the colors used in AniTa to match your style and work environment. You can change the colors for both the words on the screen (the foreground) and the page they are drawn upon (the background).

  1. To get started, click on the “Config” menu, and select “Colors and Attributes…”

  2. You will see the window pictured below.

  3. Once you have made these changes, click “OK”. To save your changes, click on the “File” menu and select “Save Config.”

From the same window, you could also assign a custom background image for your AniTa window. If your practice has an official logo or watermark, you could make that image part of your Partner experience. Just click on the “Wallpaper” button in the same “Colors and Attributes…” window.

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015