Additional Demographics, Page 2

The second page of notjane contains ethnicity and race, language, and confidential communication preferences.

Use the Enter and Backspace keys to move among the fields and make changes. Press End to erase the text after the cursor.

In some fields, you can use an asterisk (*) to get a list of possible choices.

You may only select a single Confidential Communication Preference. Once selected, fields particular for that selection will appear.

For example, if the patient has a private address distinct from their parents, you can select Mailing Address and enter that new address.

Why Track This Information?: Race and ethnicity, language, and confidential communication preferences help your practice in several ways.

  • You can use the communication preferences to work directly with patients on confidential issues or on the maintenance of medical concerns that are their own responsibility.
  • You can use any of these fields on form letters.
  • You can limit some SRS reports by these fields.
  • You can use the Patient Recaller (recaller) to calculate patient population numbers, generate patient lists, or generate mailings for a certain demographic based on a set of criteria.
  • These fields are related to both the ARRA incentive and PCMH programs.

Ethnicity, Race, and Language Lists: The Ethnicity, Race, and Language fields are limited to values accepted by the ARRA Meaningful Use standard. You may enter more than one race by using a comma between entries.

Configuration Options: These fields appear in both the Patient Editor (notjane) and Patient Checkin (checkin). You can use the Configuration Editor (ced) to hide the Confidential Communication Preferences from checkin if your office does not collect this information and the fields distract from your checkin workflow.

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015