Add an Insurance Policy to a Patient’s Record

When a patient’s insurance information changes, you need to add a new plan to their list of policies. You should do this before posting charges for the patient. Otherwise, the procedures may be billed to the wrong carrier or with the wrong information.

Follow this procedure to add a policy:

Open the Patient’s “Insurance Policies” Screen

You can view a patient’s insurance policies on the second page of checkin, from the Policy key in the Patient Editor (notjane), or many other ways.


F1 – Insert Policy

A new line will appear at the top of the list of insurance policies, and blank fields will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Enter Policy Information

Enter policy information in the blank fields.

Keep In Mind:

  • Looking Up the Insurance Company: For the Insurance Company field, you can use an asterisk (*) to search through your practice’s list of plans. For example, entering *BCBS* would show you a list of BCBS insurance plans. Depending on how your office tracks insurance companies, typing *4624* may show you all insurances with a P.O. Box of 4624, a handy shortcut.

  • Override Fields: When generating claims, Partner will use the guarantor’s name, address, and relationship as recorded in the fame and notjane programs. If the insurance policy holder is not the guarantor, you should fill out the name, relationship, and address fields shown above.

  • Effective Dates: The effective dates are very important. Partner chooses which insurance company to bill based on the effective dates. You can leave the date fields blank, but Partner will then assume that the insurance plan has always been valid and that the coverage has no known expiration.


F1 – Save

As soon as you press F1, the new policy will be saved and active for this patient.

Optional: Copy the New Policy to Related Patients

If the new policy is not a Medicaid policy, and the patient has relatives in your system that share the same guarantor, Partner will next ask whether you wish to add the new policy to the patient’s siblings. A sibling is any patient who shares a guarantor with the current patient.

Press F1Copy Policy to continue to the sibling screen, press F4Do Not Copy or F12 to continue without modifying siblings.

On the sibling selection screen, confirm the position (primary, secondary, etc.) of the new plan and update any differences to the certificate and group numbers for each patient.

Press F1Save to add the plans to the sibling records.

If you do not wish to copy the new policy to any of these patients, press F12.

Review Your Changes

Finally, you will be returned to the main policy screen. After adding a new policy, you should review all active insurance policies for the patient. Is the primary insurance listed first? Do you need to expire an old policy? Use the function keys at the bottom of the screen to make any further changes to the patient policy record.

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015