2. Download and Install Firefox

Follow the procedure below to download and install Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Launch Your Current Browser

    Run Internet Explorer, Netscape, or whatever browser you currently use.

  2. Browse to Mozilla's Firefox Homepage

    Enter the Web site address, http://www.getfirefox.com, into the address bar of your Web browser.

  3. Click the "Free Download" Link

    You will notice that the Mozilla Web site has recognized what kind of computer you are using and what language your computer speaks. Click the green "Free Download" link to begin the download.

  4. Accept and/or "Run" the Download

    Depending on the setup and configuration of your current browser, you may be asked questions about the download, such as the following:

    Whatever your computer asks you, answer that you accept the download (of Firefox Setup.exe) and you would like to "Run" it. If you are not allowed to run the download automatically, choose to save it to your desktop instead.

  5. Wait For Download to Finish

    On a high-speed internet connection, the download will take only a few minutes.

  6. Run the Installation Program

    After the download is finished, you may need to click again to open or run the install program. Look for the "Firefox Setup.exe" program on your desktop. Or, your browser may offer to run the install program for you:

    You may notice an "Extracting" dialogue message, which is normal.

  7. Begin the Firefox Install Wizard

    The Firefox installation wizard will run automatically. Click "Next" to continue.

  8. Click "I Accept" and "Next"

    Click the radio button next to "I Accept" only if you agree to the Firefox free software license agreement. Then click "Next."

  9. Agree to a "Standard" Installation

    Click "Next" to continue.

  10. Final Confirmation to Install Software

    The program will take a few minutes to install.

  11. Click "Finish" to Quit the Wizard and Launch Firefox

  12. Firefox Has Been Added to Your Desktop

    For the best security and performance, use Firefox for all of your day-to-day Web-browsing. You can still use Internet Explorer if you need it for poorly-written Web sites or Web sites that have not yet been properly updated.

TipExtra Features

Firefox has special extensions or "plug-ins" that can enhance your Web-browsing experience. Popular extensions include Adblock, BugMeNot, Weather, and IE View. Explore the Firefox section of Mozilla's Extensions Page to learn more.